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Grats to the 2012  S.B. Champs N.Y. Giants




 2011 is now a very different type of year, Japan being hit by 3 different crisis events on same event stance. Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant difficulties? Started a page for them at http://www.mercycorps.org/fundraising/markpietrzyk

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 On behalf of my girlfriend Annette.



Annette now been given home oxygen treatment, finally after 2 yrs of me urging doc's to let her get it.. Hoping all goes well for her as she started college online. Kaplan University gave her the opportunity to advance when all seemed lost to her. She'd failed college algebra but is in mid terms with trying to make the makeup course on BYU online to advance back into her Psychology at Kaplan. 7/30/10, as of Feb, she's enlisted in Ashford online courses, new grad date sometime within next 4 yrs, they told her, all credits previously gained may not be attainable, due her last months stay in hospital were she'd been resusitated.

Started 3 new sites for her,tho neither seem to be doing a thing for her or her transportation needs. http://www.aacitytraveler.usclargo.com/ being one aswell


http://www.aacitytraveler.bravehost.com/ the other.



Annette's been now deactivated on local donation list for kidney. Testing 8/31/10 UVA Char. Va., 10:30 am.Doctors asked why she'd been resent due her prior medical history.

At 48 yrs old she'd like to have a baby aswell. Who, what, why, when, and where, is about what i said. Too many complications and detours in roads to be thinking like that even at your age alone. What could i tell her, her son's 17 mnth old is a wonder indeed, yet, all she'd gone thru in them 17 mnths is another thing. How does she think i'd be able to cope, besides run both thier lives aswell, try to keep mine in focus. She still pondering the idea. I signed up for Zoosk on FaceBook to get insight's on others opinion, of course she'll tall me i'd other reasons. Besides i'd like to draw some folks here, either to help 'em on thier travel or atleast meet some folks out of the norm's of my daily convictions.

Funny, i said, "ya got to be kiddin'"

Whom has gone thru several a serious disability and is need of a prosthetic hand. Seems can't find a helping site anywhere on this behalf.

Upon one of several  visits to the hospital involving a ten day stay, inwhich she was given 24 hour iv injections with the use of steroids for a kidney disease. Which later turned into double kidney failure, no lawyer will touch this case saying they want to be 99.9 % sure diagnosis was wrong which led to state of being.

After months of hospitalization, Annette returned yet again to WMC  this second day of her new visit. Seems the dialysis center treating her had found an infection and called this past sunday to report she needed to be hospitalized due treatment to remedy the infection. I took her in as the woman explained i'll call ahead and set up everything. Well we got there after a short trip some 50 miles and found upon our arrival no word had been sent ahead. We talked with the emergancy staff and followed the rules and enlisted her to be seen. After several hours and several phone calls which led nowhere. They sent us on our merry way. The following day i inquired her doctors and then finally her dialysis place her (there) reasoning on  what took place the night before, They had no idea what i was talking about and  said i get a call back shortly. Well thanks for calling and inquiring to her nature of the calls. Please take her back to the hospital seems her culture shows signs of infection and will need to change cath on her chest. Her fever upon her arrival this time was 102.2. A bit up from the night before which i took her to the same place was 101.9. Although she is alraedy on antibiotics and we tried to find out who sent you here take her home and try again tomorrow was there Sunday cure. Monday turned tuesday she is somewhat laid back and scared scared they will misdiagnose her again as first they stuck her back in her TB room where she found out several months later she may not of had. This being said they did move her to another room. She is in tears but yet still hopefull it wont be another 3 or 4 weeks before they change her cath and release her again.

She on this day of 6/3/07 is in UVA in virginia some hundred miles from home she says a doctor tells her perhaps the treatments she's been recieving may be a mistake.

However  he explained, it will take towards a year for them to drop the dosages off the medications she's been recieving.This time being treated for TB

Annette gained almost fifty pounds of fluid weight due to her bed rest and isolation room.

Upon release she was so bloated that the waters consistancies developed into a terrible time for her to walk and or rest due to the uncomfortable swelling within her hip and stomach area's. Which went to her feet and caused a missed appointment and trouble sleeping due to stress, and more uncomfortable natures while gaining an appitite that played havoc on her metabalism.

As we can't seem to find the proper means to acquire this we are attempting to construct: "CityTraveler" to support her need(s).

This page dedicated to those with disabilities and those with a need to save for other  personal pleasure(s).


Refreshing these pages may be required. DISCOUNTED AUTO PARTS We have a hundred links and types of saving(s) sites to set here within these pages.

I've been going day in and day out.

Hopefully will have a proper setting for your service needs.

 Annette's home again, 3 day stay in hospital for unknown virus or internal infection, leaves hospital pale but in high hopes, awaiting the usage of the 3 day antibiotic regime, she hoping to make home dialysis a thing of the present, not a hope for the future, another misfortune, for Annette, some type unknown blockage from the tube set in her tummy to dialysisize at home, Aug 17th is the make up date so far for the next in-out operation time. She's looking forward to the relief of staying home more, and perhaps travel more to relieve her stress of all the other appointments and conditions she's accumilated, with COPD an home enembulizer use aswell several puffer
inhalers.     One can help her with helping her get a vacation and or get-away for a weekend here:


She'd like to visit her dad (OK) who's been ailling from a bad back since falling off a ladder ages ago, seeing he's getting on in years, she'd like to visit atleast a couple days. She hadn't had much ease since all this started in 2002. A vacation would do us wonders. Since her ma passed (2009)then her brother(2010), family is far away, beside her own 2 son's in the county here.

Trying to save a few $$ in travel expenses for a variety of other indulgences. Hop on down the page and find our onsite travel arrangement search engine. We have the luggage within the pages books for favorite get away reading and just about any weather destination you have on your agenda! Browse and feel free to save cause when you save here , Annette makes a little commission, an gets that much closer to her bionic hand.


Attention as of 7/25/06 Annette was admitted into the Winchester Medical Facitity for a severe case of kidney infection, she is doing rather well, as the containment has begun, but the disease has not gone away.

She is on the 2nd floor in an isolation unit. She is under many treatments and they are considering dialosis and or chemo-theropy as possible treatments.

She worries dramaticly and becomes tearful often, wondering what she can do, and what's to become of our lives, and her future plans of attending her online college courses.

A program director in the financial aide department of a research place has confirmed her some financial assistance with a new computer desktop and an audio voice activated software typing program.

Unfortunately we may have to find a ground level apartment an leave these belongings due to her condition and possible side effects from future treatments.

If you would like to aide her in any fashion please submit an emailing or leave a message on the number located on her contact page.

Thank you for your Thoughts and Prayers

Especially those whom have given her their attention(s) and Blessing's in the Winchecter Medical Center (RENAL) 2nd floor

As of sept. 3 ,2006, Annette has been running a fever up and down to the 102 point. She is very reluctant on going into the hospital as these stays tend to scare her, this morning or afternoon of the 12th she is bringing up anything she takes down. She is staying in bed and watches tv., for the most part. Programs to aide her in any assistance seem to be nil.


Annette was takin to the doctors for a regular visit.

Well almost regular she was seen as a walk in at her small towns family practice. Unfortunately her doctor seening her examination was consisted of a sample and a slight physical check up. The doctor ignored her request to be seen at a local hospital because as he said he didnt see any reason for it. Asking who's the doctor here. Perhaps being late in the day his schedule might be hindered by more paperwork or his schedule didnt include submitting some to a nearby hospitl and serve as yet another query in an already busy schedule.

She needed to attain a referral to the hospital. This practice  is whats the procedure for coverage thru the state.

As it came to be Annette was admitted to the hospital she'd requested to be seen at some three to four days later her kidneys had failed her and she spent three days in ICU an the following 8 days or so in isolation unit in the renal department.  She was dillusional somewhat and very distraught. she'd called the police a couple days prior to taking her saying she'd seen people walking around the apartment going thru her things trying to take her meds and even setting out peanutbutter  bread and banana's to the children she said that were out there hungry. She's barely eaten or let aloneslept for some four nights prior her admittance. I tried to get her to go in but she at this point detested the results and the poking an prodding which would take place in her eyes.

As her visit consisted of a series of tests and procedures her arms and such were covered in bruises. Atleast five treatments under the dialysis machine insued and numerious doctors and biopsies tested thru-out her stay. The origanal doctor perscribe her origanally with thrush mouth an urinary tract infection. The days following this visit to this present day have accomplished nothing to her state of well being give it that her dialysis is to be three times a day and the on going rx's and experimental treatments have got me quite boggled. I am planning on leaving her mymind is so absorbed with frustrations ill temperment towards those she applied herself to and the steps and proceduers that followed. I am quite dazed and find it hard to establish a safe reasoning to apply myself to her needs and wants let alone what i may think i need or wnt to a complete turmoil that feels its either going to explode inwards or outwards. My feelings have become so dumbing that i feel less of a person or friend to be here and see this effect on her and what is out therefor her. She cries constantly when she cant do anymore and smiles with dreams and ideas which i cannot see coming true. I feel less for being here helpless to her wants and needs helping her shower helping her get her meals together and preparing a somewhat general cleaning day after day which i seem to short cut more and more to try to find space or serenity within. I dont think my help has been major she and her mother praise me constantly yet then when the pressures are on i didnt or couldnt do enough for the purpose.

She's laying down now, she was playing MahJong on the net some free 60 minute trial version.However now has a multi game pack picked her up this past xmas. She goes to embrace me and my being collapses in, i seem like a zombie or something there yet not being able to reflect the moment. 

Dec. 2011 turned out a few rather interesting views and reviews:

 We ended up getting a 2008 Dodge Nitro from an ad that came in the mailing same day the  Jeep pymnt was due, from back pymnts never recieved due a few interesting things which had taken place. Needless to say we have a newer truck with 3 x's the payment of the Jeep , but we figure won't have to put it into repairs for something we didn't seem to appreciate after repair an repairs were piling up on. She's back in class this time with Ashford U. online studies. Holding a B ave i gather as she been going up an down on grades she'd been telling me. Her last school dropped her due her ailments and not being able to find the time to cram for the finals inbetween hospital stays and just tired natures taking over after her dialysis sessions. She's saying she'd like to start home dialysis, soon as her nurse(s) and doctors say her protein lvs have regained a certain mark.

January been quiet the weather changing, no snow barely half a month of cold weather yet the electric bills still rose like they do in winter mnths.

  She still cry's wishing her younger brother hadn't departed ,both, within the last few yrs now, her sister came for a visit 3 x's and all sparked a different essence within itself. She is gone again, yet for some reason seems to of left a whole new type burden on her wondering soul, seems she places alot on how or what she can do, even if it isn't within her means, luckily we're not in the poorhouse yet, tho i keep insisting we're only a paycheck away from it. I still carry her up the back stairwell when bringing her from apptmnts an docs and general get around events. Stress seems to come an go on the back, lucky for the painpills it comes in handy when needed. Otherwise, she tries to sleep in when can like now, she has a breathing appt coming up soon at one of the hospitals she frequents. C.O.P.D. concerns and a downsizing of all the different inhalers and breathing treatments they say required for treatment purposes. Lucky for her med coverage, don't see how some folks handle the billings on alot of thoses and other medical issues that arise from one symtom to the next. Its Feb. now, bit of rain fell over the weekend wondering how hot this summer will be, seems the winter stayed much in the 40's to lower 60's range, 110 in summer would really bake, seeing how not much if any rain or snow had plenished the landscape(s). Eartherquakes in Pacific quarter had been news past few days with volcano's spewing here an there aswell, if all conjoins to one big bang i guess, not too many will have a chance in some area's.

She wanted me to wake her so she can do some banking, guess i'll go get her up seeing how i hear my snooze alarm going off in other room, will try to keep informed on her medical or schooling efforts when can, think been like 6 mnths since i updated anything here,,,, 2/6/12



I left Annette in Front Royal, though i know not why.

Seems to be a draw out here thats calling me away. Spent 12 days hitchhiking the lower statesd to California. We keep in touch regularly however the strains are faint yet allusive as of late.

Yesterday was Thankgiving, spent mnost of the day with an oprganization called Horizan out here in San Diego that gave all homeless a Thankgiving Day dinner. Spent the rest of the day panhandling change for cigarettes and coffee. Plenty of people gave us some dinners along the road as a few of us set up camp so to speak on 10th and G  downtown. Didnt get too much but it was rather nice sleeping wise with the occasional waking up to sirens horns and general arousals. Anette was in Virginia with her family and her son's family. Over the last 24 days i've met a lot of new people and reaquiainted with some old. Would not believe all the problems that are out there.l

Annette (Renee) wasn't easy to reach during the day yesterday and couldnt reach her today as of yet. Hope here day went well as i plan to add this and the memories of the hitch back down here to San Diego. Getting stranded in Casa Grande Arizona and how a lady helped me to acquire a bus pass from greyhound thru contacting my brother in N. Carolina. Have short time left here at library so will be adding events and memorories as i recall or time allows.

A bud from the other side of the border passed away. Hope the times are different from where you were Roberto. Your family misses you and excepts the taking of your presense tho they are bewildered.

We have now 2 computers setup at the apartment and her laptop comes in handy when she's at dialysis or i use at a distant local wifi establishment. Seems or hopefully one day it'll all pay itself off. 8/10


 her Caregiver, Boyfriend and Bewildered Friend Webmaster

M.B. Pietrzyk

 Needed cash, clutch situation, girls son charged by ex, anyway took 750. Advance America loan out on pay. Since paid back 750. plus interest, bill in mail for 880. owed yet, say government took over payments and say 186% interest, lucky not 236%, we have any lawyers lout there for the person inbetween who needed to help out someone, seems took by FED. GOV.. am 51 an since took .70 pay cut with possible more upcoming. How is this possible for Gov to reset its interest in helping us overcome the times. 8/23/10



HP link to some favorite offers


HP March Madness! Mark Pietrzyk's Facebook profile

Listing Site Updates

Commission Junction: 

And Hopefully a few more sponsorships will be added to this sites list.(s) 

For schedules, rates, and valuables, for this seasons plans and adventures.


Bookmark this page, if you find it interesting, we need to see you here.

Luckily all links still in working order, seems between all the hospital stays, trying to stay on top of sites links and just general brousing and game play, alot has missed my attention or forgot completely of thier linkage!!

Pc to Phone: Save BIG on Long Distance!!

If theres something you might like to see chess, music, or news items, weather outlooks, check around the site, they are all in the plans to bringing you an array to satisfy.

Brought to you on behalf of Annette check out her story on her page. This may seem abit upsetting to you, so if you start to become overwhelmed.

We understand.

We've been going through it for a long time.

This an email sent to org., asking for 30.00 to help them celebrate 30 yrs in Nevada 8/28/10

To whom it may CONCERN;


 In response to Chairman Sam Lieberman's Cele. 30 Yrs in Nevada mailing.


        Gee, As much as we'd like to help, seems no room for added outgoing, payments on our limited income(s). Had to restructure and deny several charity org's over the past few months aswell. Seems i took a pay cut (.70) in hrly pay, and girlfriend with several hdcp's, wont see a COL increase, yet again this yr. Have to reject this aswell, as we are now, paying rent late, to make due on ele., and cable bills, to keep service running, she attends Kaplan Online, while going to dialysis 3 x's wkly, and numerous other apptmts, we need to keep on her health. Please understand, several charity's asked us for help, from  Fallen Firefighters, Fallen Soldiers Org.s, Fallen Officer's of local enforcement area's, aswell Katrina, Chilea, and Aftgan, Child's org's and, numerous Vets and other charities, i feel like a halfwit trying to find what could send, only to realize, we'd be without aswell, if we'd tried to match just a few asked for. Don't take it the wrong way, we don't get a 5 or 6 digit income here, but we try when we can. Unfortunetly, we can't help for sometime to come, from what the on going bills are saying. We even took an Advance America loan out to help the kids on thier way. I'm still paying full payments on an already paid 1000.00 allotment. Which i ronically they state the government took over thier payment structure and are cherging 136% to 186% interest on loans withholding. Oieee, hope ya don't take it the wrong way, but ah, i feel crooked and took, and find it hard to lend a hand myself.



Mark B. Pietrzyk
613 N Royal Ave Apt.5
Front Royal,Va 22630
540 635 9363


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This is Annette before the Vasculitis



    Annette acquired her Vasculitis while she was employed at a downtown 4th Ave. hotel, in San Diego Ca., in 2004.

Her employer hadn't a health package for his workers.

It took several months and extreme discomfort(s) by the time the doctor's were able to diagnose her condition.

She suffered a five minute respritory failure and a massive coronary within five hours of eachother, which led to her amputeeism.

She is attempting to go forward with her education (online Kaplan U.) in Bus.Man., and Admin.,

However due to Grants that seem to cost more then we recieve and projects that detain her progress. I am attempting to attain the proper funds thru this site to acquire a typing and newer desktop for her to handle this courses criteria.

Please look on Annettes page to visualize this 's plight.

Some of this material may be for those with a strong emotional stability.

On a recent trip to San Diego i was given the word that Annette was being released from the hospital after a stay of under three weeks. Upon her release blood work was done. Four days later they called and told her she had gotten TB now. Thoughts began roaming thru my mind as to how this might come about. Blood donors who give to aid in medical treatments and research perhaps. Someone slipped in some tainted blood giving or someone thru the medical staff serving her doesn't realize they may have contacted it thru a family member or friend. The family and friends she'd contacted over her short stay out of hospital all needed to go thru a screen, as she now yet again, lays in a hospital bed, in the isolation unit of Winchester Medical Center. The good news so far everyone tested beside her has checked negative, in these tests. I took the ride back to Virginia via Greyhound and the children behind and about me were to have Broncitis and this elderly woman some rows back, to of been TB connected. I've been back four days and have yet to see Annette. She cries often and is heavily laiden with feelings of ponder as to her on-going medical situation(s). The bills are piling sky high now the SSI is only half of whats needed here in the household. She now has co-pays due to a dilegent nurse who submitted her for Medicare, This doesn't cover her meds and the co-pays may give us a better look at the curb before the spring thaws. Am trying to go to a part time position at 7-11 to supplement our household income but this may tend to bringing on even more co-pays and taxes, which we can't afford. I have spinal stenosis and wasd told suffered two brainstrokes when they searched for the reason of my back pain over a two year period. They checked for brain disease and then showed me the xray's withwhat looked like staples on my skull. With highblood pressure and her ongoing list of medical needs i feel weakened by the types of support we have found out there. That being zero because they either cater to groups or organizations or havent funding for individuals unless they want to be experimented on. She's already on some chemo-based experimental drug to make her kidneys more suseptible to except donor-status. Her dialysis is three timesd a week but luckily she now has that done in town, instead of the fifty mile drive back and forth. 02-18-07

more on  her  at contact info page

Since last info submissions, Annette has undergone a 3 day fibulator treatment in a local hospital. Since has been given home oxygen treatment for her yet other diagnosed Enphasima. All seems to go towards naught as she an i continue to smoke within the boundries of our house and ventures to her appointments and other streams of life. Since losing her ma to RA she'd been deeply stressed yet by other faccets in life, some due her younger sibs, who tend to ask and need advice and mental supports on thier journey's. I'd been going in circles trying to structure her a new lifestyle and come to the same conclusions. I submit this as part testimony and part need of supports in her's and our lives ventures and hardships.

Been active here on an off for sometime now. With girlfriends hospital stays and doctors vists, her dialysis and now phys ther find it harder to do what can without forgetting what was trying to do. Signed up couple yrs ago at : http://salespider.com/lp/contest/index.php/93-5147361

to gain a perspective and some logical thinking towards gaining a fuller cash flow on her and our needs, such as gas, her air supply, (recently put on home oxygen) and other certain costly events and purposes, needed to find some outlets to help us in the cause. Any and all supports would be greatly appreciated

Annette passed away 8/18/14

Winchester Med Ctr. after a week long bout with her respirtory and heart blood pressure lowering, they took several days to give her medications to keep her heart going, she'd made another recovery and was on her way to being moved yet again to a main floor room. Her iv they'd stuck in her leg for dialysis reasons keeping her blood clean as not not infect her system, was transfered to her neck vein, and thus the over night of her last day the stitch popped, it caused her veins to weaken from the week long antibiotic and other 6 iv's to stretch her veins beyond their norm. She passed away with her father Michael McCormick her sister Christina Doyle and myself pressent, my back and legs were so weak i'd taken a walk to regain strength in them, upon return to the room from a walk to the paarking garage, she'd slipped away. I seen what i seen, it was over for her, she lay at REST.

After 11years of ailments Vasculitis and COPD among her kidney problems, she'd come to her Calling. Its the Christmas of her first months away, i had no Thanksgiving, i'd foundmyself fasting, now this XMas i have the same intent, ate nothing yesterday and today i find myself engulfed in smokes and coffee. She took my breath away with all she'd been thru, guess all them times trying to quit added up to sufficating along with her, as she has gone i find myself stilll in awe to quit the smoking, but like herr ailments it just goes on and deeper within the patterns of the unknown.

Trying to move her son Patrick, his GF and their baby girl (8 months) to NY where i started many years ago, to venture from NC to Cali, in San Diego where we'd begun our time together, her way to get me to go with her to her familt was something she cherished and wanted to share, what i got in return, i cannot put into words,

Thanks my lil FLUTTERBY your inspiration(s) your LOVING ways and how you tried to school yourself and SHARE what was yours, is Mindbogggling even today, seeing you lost so much and tried to keep the Spirit high, i hope your place in the HEAVENS is a Great Reflection on how i seemed to of Grwn thru Your Efforts, Love, Miss and Cherish you time to time .This day 12/23/14 ps. your dad back in the hospital, they say he gotten out too soon from both previous visits, if i know him, he's missing you and Michael something fierce, hold on to him as i know he may be searching you's out, Always with You My Love as you'd always wished me to understand, miss you til the skies or Heavens let me know you again. Mark

Like the saying says: you've got to start somewhere? Easy. Fast. Cheap.


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Thank you for viewing our site. we are somewhat new to this venture and need all the support we can get. Like the pages remark this site is for Annette, so we can afford to get her prosthetic. If you'd like to contribute send an email to the email listed above or on the contact page. Heck we left a number too. So call and let her know what you can do for her. Thank you much, so very much... Mark and Annette